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D.M.P. Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Most Asked Questions

What is D.M.P. all about?

Answer: Datemiserablepeople.com or D.M.P is an Online Dating Platform for people that may possibly feel intimidated by the other Big Dating Sites. It’s a place for people to come together and feel comfortable sharing their lifestyles, interest and concerns in an open and honest way.

Why Create Fake and Perfect Profiles on a Dating Site when that's not really who you are?

Is Datemiserablepeople.com for all Sexual Types? Heterosexual, Bi-Sexual, Gay or Lesbian?

Answer: Yes, D.M.P. was created for all Sexual Types. You can search for Same Sex or Opposite Sex companions.

Are There Any Restrictions To The $5.99 Per Month Memberships?

Answer: Nope!! With your $5.99 Per Month Membership you get FULL Access to the Site. Enjoy Your D.M.P. Experience!!

Refer a Member-Get A FREE Month-No Purchase Necessary!

Referral Reward- Refer Any New Member and Get 1 Month Free!! 

-Any New Registration-No Purchase Necessary

-Just Recommend and Get Rewarded!!

-Email: support@datemiserablepeople.com  with your User Name and New Member's  Email Address

Do I Have To Submit A Profile Picture?

Answer: No, You are able to become a member without uploading a Profile Picture. However, if you want a greater chance of interacting with other members, it will help if you have an image.

Can I upload an Image or Picture to create a personalized Profile Page?

Answer: Yes, You can upload any image that you may have or choose from the numerous default themes that we have to offer.

Why was my profile rejected?

Answer: Because it contains Adult Pictures, Foul Language or Advertising content that is not acceptable for D.M.P. user profiles.

Does D.M.P. allow Nudity Profile Pictures or Photo Album Pictures?

Answer: NO D.M.P. does not allow any Adult Content. D.M.P. is a World Class Dating Site that is here to help people find companions. We will delete any Profiles that contain ANY Adult Content.

What does the Search Results show on D.M.P.?

Answer: Search Results show Match results based on the information that you and your match provided in your "Profile Details." Ex: If you have your profile details set as a 32yr old man and that your looking for women in the age group of 30 to 40yrs old. Your Search Results will only show women in this age group and vice versa, it will only show you women that are looking for Men in your age group. Our Search Engines are designed to only match you with profiles that are looking for the same search criteria. If you want to look for both Men and Women in your search, then you need to specify that you are here for both Men and Women..

How can I Change Avatars, Upload Photos, Change Profile Details, Change Matchmaking settings, Look who's in?

Answer: Visit your Dashboard to find the Quick Links in make these adjustments

What are the differences in using the Desktop/Mobile version vs. IOS and Android Apps?

Answer: The Desktop/Mobile platform is D.M.P. at full functionality. We have designed the site so that ANY phone on ANY provider can have full accessibility of the sites functions. Live Video Chat, Live Instant Messenger Chat, Live Speed Dating Sessions, Confessions Area, Email, Store, Blogs, Winks, Gifts and more... The IOS and Android Apps are designed to give you quick access to your account, searches, matches, email, instant chat and speed dating. The best option for full accessibility is to just use the Desktop or Mobile view. All you have to do is type in Datemiserablepeople.com on your phones search or browser to take advantage of every option D.M.P. has to offer!! Again, IOS and Android apps are just for on the GO access... We are working on Live Video Chat for the Apps, were just not there yet.

Why does Live Video Chat not connect to the person im trying to call?

Answer: You must use Google Chrome, Firefox or Android Mobile Phone web browsers to initiate and answer calls. Unfortunately, IOS or Apple Products are not compatible with this feature but were working on it!!!.

Is there a Live Video Chat option on the IOS or Android Phone Apps?

Answer: NO, Unfortunately, but we are working on it, The Other Known Dating Sites Do Not offers this as well. We are implementing this in our next update-Very Soon!!

Who can I call using the Live Video Chat or Instant Chat Messenger?

Answer: With a Paid Subscription you can call anyone else with a Paid Subscription on a Mobile Phone or CPU. A CPU can call a Phone, a Phone can call a CPU, a CPU can call a CPU or a Phone can call a Phone. D.M.P. is very proud to offer this new R.T.C. Technology that the other sites do not!

How long does it take to receive D.M.P. Apparel?

Answers: All orders are printed ONCE a week typically on Fridays and then mailed out the following Monday. Shipments will be coming from San Diego, CA

Is there a Return Policy on D.M.P. Apparel?

Answer: We will exchange any Apparel that arrives damaged or not as ordered. We will NOT issue any refunds if you decide that you do not want or if you change your mind on the purchase after it has been printed and shipped. So please make sure that you are 100% confident in your decision before placing your order. We can change your product ordered if it has not been printed and shipped already.

Is there a Refund Policy on D.M.P. Subscriptions?

Answer: YES, D.M.P. Gives you 3 days or 72 hours to request a Refund. A signed written notice of cancellation (which includes your D.M.P user name and the email address used to register for the Services) must be sent within 10 days to by certified mail to: PO Box #238 85 W Combs RD. #101 San Tan Valley, AZ 85140. Unfortunately, after the 3 days or 72 hours there is no refunds on Paid Subscriptions to D.M.P. .

What Forms of Payments Can I Use on D.M.P?

Answer: You can pay for D.M.P. Member Subscriptions with Credit/Debit Cards, or PayPal Accounts

Why cant I Read Messages, Use Video Chat, Use Instant Messenger Chat, or Add to Blogs?

Answer: You must subscribe to a $5.99 Full Access Membership 

Suggestions to improve D.M.P?

Answer: Please create a Suggestions Ticket Here:


How can we Advertise with D.M.P.?

Answer: Please create an Advertising Service Ticket here:


Where are the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for D.M.P?

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Any Other Questions?

Email: support@datemiserablepeople.com for any other questions that you may have about D.M.P.
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