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Testimonials January 2017

Dana and Tim- July 2nd, 2017 


"I had been on your site for 3 weeks and I have had some great conversations with others in similar situations but I just couldn't find the right fit for me until Tim came along and swept me off my feet! We were the same age, same line of work and we both had children from other partners. Things just seemed to click. Our first date was almost like we had known each other for years, it was a relief that someone understood where I was coming from. Four week later here we are! There are people out there that think blended families can still work. It felt great to not having to shed burdens on others, Thanks D.M.P."


Your welcome Dana, We Hope things continue to blossom for the two of you!

Sara and Daniel- August 7th 2017


"What a great site! Sara and myself met 4 weeks ago, after both of us had all but given up on love. We both had a "What the Hell" attitude when we signed up and with no expectations at all having been brutally honest on our profiles. I sent Sara a wink and it was on from there. We both made fun of each others profile details so much that we just figured why not just meet each other in person and continue the good times we were having. 4 Sundays later we seem to be inseparable! She gets me and I get her, plain and simple. Keep doing what your doing D.M.P. we love the site!"


Great story, Don't worry Daniel were not going anywhere!

Tina and Gary- November 12th, 2017


"Hey D.M.P. Garry and I somehow found ourselves using the site after frustrations everywhere else we had tried. I figured $5.99 wouldn't be a total loss if I didn't find anyone LOL. The 3rd day on D.M.P. I came across Gary, a guy who was online and in my area. An hour and a half later we found ourselves at a small hole in the wall bar close to both of us. From our first conversation Gary found a way to bring humor to describing the current ruff times he was going through. He used the site as an Icebreaker and it was hilarious! I've become quite fond of my newly found comedian and somehow, he enjoys my mess of a lifestyle. I just wanted to share with you that I think your idea is brilliant. It's put a new spin in Online Dating. Gary and I appreciate the humor that's for sure! You Guys Rock!!"


Tina, yes we do!! But so do you guys for giving the site a shot. Keep up the laughs!!

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