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About D.M.P.

Let’s Be Real-Nobody’s Life is Perfect...


Choose to Date Real and Honest from the Start.


Why create Fake and Perfect Profiles on a Dating Site when that’s not really who you are?


Welcome to DateMiserablePeople.com


"Where Misery Loves Company"


Datemiserablepeople.com's mission is to change the way people date online. In the world of Fake and Perfect Profiles that you find everyday on Facebook, Twitter and the other Big Dating Sites you find that everyone has Perfect Lives and that their world is such of a fairy tail. In reality the people behind these profiles are no different than me or you. We all have issues and concerns in life that doesn't make us that much different the neighbor next door.


The downfall to all of these people's perfect lives and profiles is that it makes the average person dealing with the everyday struggles of life feeling inadequate. It builds Fear and Intimidation's when it comes to finding love or in even reaching their full potentials in life.


This is why I created D.M.P. I wanted the average Everyday American to have a Dating Platform in where they could feel comfortable sharing their issues, concerns and in return Dating Real and Honest. Our entire concept is built on these foundations. D.M.P. is the Only Dating Site in where people can be honest about themselves. There is no need to lie about their lifestyles or current events happening in their lives. Our Platform is a place where people can feel comfortable sharing who they really are..


Nobody in the Online Dating Industry has attempted a concept like this. Maybe because there is the Fears of Failure? That the world wasn't ready for a site like this or even the fact that they might be ridiculed. However, now is the time and place for our site more than ever. For an example, a member on our site might be struggling with addiction. Another member might have 4 children without a father and no income. Another might just have no friends or family in their lives. Misery is completely subjective to each individual person. You wont find any of these people putting this in their Facebook Profile and that's the whole point of our site. You don't need to be Miserable to join our site, Just have the desire to Date Open and Honestly. Whats the point of starting a new relationship based on false content or lies? Just be yourself.


DateMiserablePeople.com launched on 10.17.2016 with an enormous amount of outreach from the Media. In Its first two weeks D.M.P. was featured in 36 different newscast from Hawaii to Maine, 72 different radio/satellite stations and countless articles on the internet. D.M.P. also taped Full Features that will be airing on "The Doctors Show" and "The Steve Harvey Show." The Media Outreach covering D.M.P. shows the need and desires for our platform and cause.


Since our launch we have received site visits from over 3800 different Cities and Towns around the World. We receive request daily from citizens in these countries asking when D.M.P. is going to expand into their areas of the world. The need for our platform is global and not just for the United States. Our International Presence is growing each day as new member's are registering in all parts of the world.


DateMiserablePeople.com is 100% Dedicated to it's Members and User Experience. 2017 brings Big Changes for D.M.P. focusing on our Technology, Brand Awareness and Market Research in continuing to enhance it's End-User Experiences as we Revolutionize The Online Dating World Together! Stay Tuned, Stay Engaged and as always we value each Member's Feedback.


You may be wondering about the name? Because its "Where Misery Loves Company"


"There are people that find love on the other Big Dating Sites but what about everyone else?"


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